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How does Opus Dei help its faithful and those who take part in its activities grow in their Christian life?

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“You must make an effort to seek out the Lord”

Saints, abnormal? The time has come to do away with that prejudice. We have to teach, with the supernatural naturalness of Christian asceticism, that not even mystical phenomena mean abnormality. These phenomena have their own naturalness, just as other psychological or physiological things have theirs. (Furrow, 559)

I talk about the interior life of ordinary Christians who habitually find themselves in the hubbub of the city, in the light of day, in the street, at work, with their families or simply relaxing; they are centered on Jesus all day long. And what is this except a life of continuous prayer? Isn't it true that you have seen the need to become a soul of prayer, to reach an intimacy with God that leads to divinization?...

At first it will be more difficult. You must make an effort to seek...

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