"When they grow, I grow"

Janaiha isn't a Catholic, but she shows her love for the Church by helping out in an educational program run by women of Opus Dei in Washington, D.C.

Personal testimonies

Janaiha is the second from the left

I pray every day for the Prelate of Opus Dei and the apostolates of the Prelature. And when possible, my workload permitting, I offer my assistance. For example, this semester I’ve been happy because my workload has been a bit lighter, so I’ve been helping on Saturdays in an educational program. Although I’m not Catholic, my taking part is an expression of my love for the Catholic Church and is also a contribution to Christian unity. Also, the work is personally rewarding, as I see how the girls with whom we work are developing. When they grow, I grow.

Janaiha Faith Nelson lives in Washington D.C. and is studying for a doctorate there.