Prelate Ordains 3 New Priests

Three teachers with extensive teaching experience, two from Spain and one from Mexico, were ordained on September 2nd in the shrine of Torreciudad by Bishop Javier Echevarría.

From Opus Dei

The new priests are Baltasar Moros, born in Valencia, Spain, 48 years old, the Mexican René Adrianensés, 37, and José María Esteban, from Madrid, who is 43.

In his homily, Bishop Javier Echevarría urged everyone “to live very well the Year of Faith convoked by Benedict XVI for next October." Citing words of the Pope, the Prelate of Opus Dei stressed “the immense gift that priests represent not only for the Church but for all humanity.” 

Bishop Echevarría encouraged the new priests to celebrate the liturgy with great care, and to “be very loyal to the Roman Pontiff, whoever he may be.” 

He reminded them that “through the Communion of Saints, wherever we find ourselves we can send clean, healthy blood—spiritual help stemming from the life-giving Blood of Christ—to all humanity.”

René with his family.

All three of the new priests have taught for a number of years in schools run by faithful of the Prelature with the help of Cooperators and many other people. The new priest from Mexico, René Adrianensés, taught for 13 years in “La Ciudad de los Niños,”  in Monterrey. René himself studied in this school with a thousand students, which offers education to children coming from families of limited means.